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Saturday, February 16, 2013


Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have the kind of relationship we dream of on a nightly basis, and now the One Direction star has gone and made us EVEN MORE JEALOUS - by revealing just how smitten he is with his gal pal.
Speaking about El being 'The One', Luigi said: "It's hard to say this early on. I'm still young! But I am incredibly happy at the moment."
Eleanor Calder and One Direction's Louis tomlinson and Eleanor Calder will be 'together forever' despite their problems
While admitting that being away from each other when the 1D boys jet around the globe doing their crotch-thrusty thang can be tough, Louis insists that he and Eleanor are still as happy as ever.
"Maybe sometimes she might think it's a little tough but the good thing is we met each other when I was in the band, so it's all she's ever known really," he told We Love Pop. 
"It hasn't been easy, but we both know the commitments I have and that she has with her university course. It works well."
The sassquatch added: "We both trust each other. I spend a lot of time out of the country on tour and she often flies out, so I see her a lot.
"I think the key to a good relationship is being best friends too. I spend more time with her and the band than I do with anyone else."

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


One Direction Newest Trailer of 3D Movie  #2

This new trailer of 1D is so awesome.  You will love it! .

From Twitter: "When the 1D3D movie comes out there's gonna be so many security issues with fangirls jumping & screaming like maniacs, we're so embarrassing." "I'm so going to cry at this scene..they're so cute! #1d3d." "So we have 1D3D Movie, 1D Fragrance, and Liam 20th Birthday in August. August will be our month. August please come faster!!!!" "IF IM GOING TO SELL TISSUE BOXES AT THE THEATER WHEN THE 1D3D MOVIES PLAYING AND I'LL BE RICH IN 5 MINUTES." "Things you need for the 1D3D movie: tissues ice cream tissues chocolate more tissues." "Almost cried at the 1D3D trailer. And what? It was emotional!"

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Zayn Malik One Direction
Kevin Kane, Getty Images

UPDATE: Phew. One Direction’s PR company addressed rumors, stating: “It’s completely untrue, Zayn isn’t leaving the band.”
Uh oh, Directioners. Rumor has it Zayn Malik may want to leave One Direction. Why would he drop the chance to be in one of the biggest pop acts on the planet right now at their peak?
Celebuzz reports that after that Aussie waitress sold her cheating story — and photos of a sleeping Malik — to a tabloid, the singer has become increasingly withdrawn and reluctant to pursue fame anymore. Malik was reportedly “rocked to his core” when the news broke of his tryst behind Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards’ back, but that his issues started earlier than that.
This isn’t the first time rumors that Malik may leave have emerged, either. Back in August, professional troll, bottom feeder and cyber bully Perez Hilton posted a video of what appeared to be Malik inviting a girl — not Edwards — back to his hotel, leading the singer to quit Twitter and to rumors that he would be the first to leave the band.
Sources say Malik comes from a super tight-knit family, and he hates being away from them for long. With a world tour and a 3D movie to promote in the very near future, that’s going to prove difficult for the token bad boy. As a result, the band’s management has even offered Malik a little extra time off.
An insider said, “There is growing concern among the bosses that Zayn is on the brink at the moment.”
Still, all hope isn’t lost: Every member of One Direction recently signed a three-year contract, so we may have Zayn with us whether he likes it or not.
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch Zayn Malik playing the drums!

5th February 2013

CREDIT TO JoshDevineDrums

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taylor Swift Says Harry Styles of One Direction Was a Bad Kisser

Sounds like Directioners won’t have to worry about a Haylor reunion after all. Taylor Swift has taken to dissing Harry Styles of One Direction now, saying that he’s a terrible kisser. Oh really?

Star (via Hollywood Life) reports that Swift told pals that Styles “kissed like a snail. Eventually Taylor found it hard not to be grossed out.” How does Swifty know what snails kiss like? Is there something we should know?
Maybe that’s why she was accused of being such a prude. Styles was “telling friends Taylor was asexual and wouldn’t let him do anything. She acted really sexy at first, but once she hooked up with him, she only wanted to kiss.”
Initially it was reported that Swift was so worried about her reputation that she wouldn’t put out at all. “Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a wh–e because she dates around that she doesn’t put out,” a pal said. “What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”
Another friend concurred, “While it was clear she obviously had a thing for Harry, Taylor didn’t want to put out as often as he would’ve liked. Harry is a young boy, with ladies throwing themselves at him and has had a string of relationships with older women.”
Considering Swift was reportedly devastated by the split (even though they were only together for her usual three months), he couldn’t have been too terrible — otherwise she’d be crying tears of joy instead of being rumored to nearing a meltdown!
Maybe Swift, 23, needs an older guy (Styles is only 18) who’s had more practice — and who has more patience.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Not so fast, Harry Styles fans hoping to get a crack at the One Direction singer following his hyped-up split with Taylor Swift! According to the latest rumors, Swift is angling for a Haylor reunion.
Hollywood Life (via Wetpaint) reports that the pair’s infamous Virgin Islands dustup over the holidays occurred because Styles took a few hours during their vacation to spend some time alone — and when he came back soused a few hours later, he found an enraged Swift, who accused him of cheating. A source claims Swift “called him a d— and accused him of running around with girls,” and added: “He didn’t do anything wrong!”
According to the Byzantine web of anonymous sources responsible for these rumors, Swift fled the islands in order to teach Styles a lesson, thinking he’d follow her. When he didn’t (he was too busy cozying up with Hermione Way), she supposedly backpedaled — sending him a slew of texts that, in a perfect world, will eventually combine to create the lyrics for a hidden bonus track (and eventual No. 1 single, natch) on her next multiplatinum album.
Alas, Styles was reportedly unmoved, refusing to respond because — according to an “insider” — “He thinks she’s too emotional.”
So there you have it, fans — all the latest in Haylor gossip. We’d take it all with a giant grain of salt if we were you, but hey, at least reading it is easier than writing your own fanfic, right?

Friday, January 18, 2013



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Taylor Swift Is Back in the Studio After Breaking Up With Harry Styles of One Direction

Taylor Swift

And so it begins!
Taylor Swift revealed that she’s back in the studio, fresh off her split with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles.
Swift tweeted about it, the same way she tweeted cryptically post-breakup with Styles:

harry and taylor

This is probably bad news for Styles, who is supposedly very sensitive and upset over the bust up. The couple’s whirlwind romance came to an end right around the time most of Swift’s relationships do: About the three month mark.
“They are both really busy and never in one place for long. Harry’s really upset about the split and is really sensitive about it,” pals said. “Loads of [Harry's] friends told him to be careful and that it was never going to last, and he feels a little foolish now that it’s fallen apart so quickly.”
The pair broke up during a vacation in the British Virgin Isles — after which Styles consoled himself with Hermione Way, but ultimately nothing came of it. The couple reportedly had a huge fight, but no one knows over what … but we bet we will when the song comes out.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Harry Styles and Taylor swift